I Would Like to Take up the Sako 6 Challenge and become a ‘Challenger’!

Please register me as a ‘Challenger’. I will create an account on the website, where I will be able to record my progress and upload pictures of my trophies. I will also gain access to the Forum where I will be able to communicate with other deer stalkers. By becoming a ‘Challenger’ I am registering my intent to shoot all 6 UK deer species. I will not become a full member of the Sako 6 Club until I have done so.

Sako 6 Club Membership requirements:

  • I must shoot (or have already shot) a male from each of the 6 native British species of deer
  • I must be able to supply proof including:
    • Photograph of trophy
    • Contact details of a character reference/witness
    • Date the trophy was aquired
If you have any questions about eligibility please contact us

Create a 'Challenger' account

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Benefits of membership

  • Access to the Forum where you can pick up invaluable tips from other members
  • Upload your trophies and keep track of your progress towards becoming a member of the Sako 6 Club
  • Exclusive memento once you have achieved the goal of shooting all six species and have become an official member of the Sako 6 Club

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